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    The Best Creative Newspaper Advertisement Ideas Used for Business Promotion

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    Many brands think newspaper and magazine advertising campaigns are ineffective, and that online marketing is the right solution for today’s consumers. On the contrary, there are many benefits of print newspaper and magazine ads that draw customers in and keep their attention longer. From magazine subscriptions to the daily newspaper to direct mail postcards, people are interested in the lengthy content, informative and timely editorials, and high-quality images these forms present. Here’s what you need to know about the power of print media to promote your business, and some examples of brands who are taking full advantage of these benefits.

    The Power of Print Ads

    Print ads are more powerful thank you think. They provide a sensory media experience for readers, create engagement by drawing in customers, and provide them with a platform that encourages deeper thinking. Here are some reasons why print ads are effective, and how you can implement them into your strategy.

    Print Is a Sensory Media Experience

    One of the most important advantages of print media is its tangibility. People like the feel of paper in their hands, and enjoy bookmarking pages to save articles they want to refer back to. It is much easier to delete an e-mail advertisement then it is to throw away the catalog, as it provides images and content that can be useful to the consumer for a longer period of time. Print media is unique as it is able to trigger a number of senses: the feeling of the paper, the smell of the ink or an added fragrance, and the crisp sound it makes when pages are turned. By triggering multiple senses, you will add to the effectiveness of your advertisement through print media. Brands that appeal to more than three senses have a 70% higher advertising effectiveness.

    Print Is Powerful

    Print is the ideal marketing medium in several ways. It is available in large and small numbers, is easily accessed, and it is engaging, versatile, and creative. Newspapers become part of a reader’s day as they are educated and informed by a credible and trustworthy source. Consumer and customer magazines create engagement by providing entertaining content. Direct mail uses its access to people’s homes and lives to deliver an important and targeted sales message. Catalogs provide information to customers before encouraging them to visit an online store to make a purchase. Each channel on its own plays a vital role in marketing, and when combined with other forms of media, they are highly effective for any campaign.

    Create Engagement with Customers

    The focus of a successful marketing campaign is engagement. You need to be able to draw a customer in by using attention-grabbing content, before rewarding them with a good offer or service. Print media is a trustworthy source for news and other information, and consumers spend more time reading this medium, compared to others. Print media is able to offer a variety of content including news, information, education, inspiration, special offers, and entertainment. Each of these content forms generate engagement between the reader and the brands. Advertisements are equally as much a part of the reading experience as the editorial content, and this is something that only print media can achieve. When people read online, they tend to avoid the ads, in search for the specific editorial content they searched for. With print, the ads add related and useful products and services that bring more value to the editorial content.

    Dig Deeper

    According to recent neurological research, there are differences in the ways people process information presented in print and on screen. The studies found that those who read print maintain their capacity to read longer articles, since the medium provides very few distractions, if any. Print also cultivates deep thinking, as readers can read over a paragraph and absorb the information better. Readers can get engrossed in a lengthy article in a magazine or newspaper, and the medium keeps the attention longer. The lack of distractions also makes reading a more leisurely experience, and the structure allows them to more easily return to certain sentences or paragraphs to remember the content.

    Successful and Creative Print Media Advertisements by Brands

    Brands are finding new ways to connect their digital and physical campaigns using magazine and newspaper ads. Here are some brands succeeding with their print media content.

    Glacial: This ad appeals directly to consumers who want to speed-up the beer-cooling process. The ad’s paper is made of salt particles, which reduce the freezing point of water. By tearing out the ad and wrapping it around a beer bottle, it can be frozen in the freezer and chilled in a shorter period of time!

    Image source :

    Morotola: This brand teamed up with Wired to promote the Moto X customization feature. By pressing buttons on the magazine ad, readers could change the color of the phone image.

    Image source :

    Peugot: This print ad for car brand Peugot featured a full-page in a magazine with a front view of the car’s interior. The ad asked readers to hit it, and when they did, a mini air bag inflated.


    Image source :

    Lladro Lighting: This brand turned their print ad into a pop-up book, allowing readers to create their own lamp shape by mounting the page in a corner.

    Image source :

    Band-Aid: Using pop culture to your advantage goes a long way in grabbing a reader’s attention and getting them inspired by your ad. Band-Aid used an image of the Hulk’s hand, with a Band-Aid wrapped securely around it, suggesting their flexible fabric is strong enough for the big, green Avenger!
    band aid print ad

    Image source :

    Alka Seltzer: A man in a robe washes his dishes using the back of a kitten, and the ad reads “Hangover is dangerous.” With a little creativity and humor, Alka Seltzer expressed the need to cure a hangover as quickly as possible using its product… for the safety of kittens!

    alka-seltzer-kitten print ad

    Heinz Ketchup: This brand is known for its delicious and creative ads. In this simple image, the ad reads “Pass the Heinz,” with the bottom half of the photograph showing mouthwatering crinkle-cut fries, a hamburger, and a piece of steak. Talk about delicious and relatable!

    Image source :

    Burger King: This ad plays on the pun of the brand’s slogan, “Flame Grilled since 1954.” It shows a burger king joint literally in flames, with the fire squad putting out the fire.
    burger king print ad

    Image source :

    Ikea: Perhaps one of the most successful print media campaigners, Ikea used its catalogue cover and photoshopped it into a measuring tape. The front of the cover says “The most helpful measuring tape in the world.”

    ikea-the-most-helpful-measuring-tape print ad

    Image source :

    Ocado Life: This clever ad shows a plate of food, with chopsticks in the form of the big and small hands of the clock. In one section of the clock, the ad reads “20-minute meals,” showing a creative and mouthwatering way to allure customers to keep on reading. It was also a clever way to promote the magazine, and encourage readers to buy.
    ocado life print ad

    Image source :

    How Can Macromark Help You with Your Print Media Campaign?

    Many businesses are missing out on the opportunity to make direct impact using sensory features of print media advertising because they believe online marketing is the only way that brings success. As you can see from the ads above, print media works great on its own, and actually adds to the success of digital marketing and sales campaigns. With the right guidance and support, you can create an effective newspaper advertising campaign that not only connects to your audience, but also entices them to visit your web site, online store, or physical store, and make a purchase. Building a newspaper campaign needs to be done the right way, especially when going against the competition, so working with a professional marketing agency will allow you to benefit from the advantages that come along with the medium.

    If you want to experience the advantages of a successful print media strategy, contact Macromark. We can help you understand the pros and cons of print media vs. electronic media and this opportunity to grow your customer base. We can provide all the information, advice, and assistance you need to get your print catalog marketing campaign up and running. Our services also include print media, direct mail marketing, list brokerage, data solutions, list fulfillment, and list management. For more information about how we can help grow your business, contact us at 1-(845)-230-6300.

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