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    The Effectiveness of Insert Newspaper Advertising

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    Targeted insert marketing through newspapers and magazines still has a strong impact on audiences for a number of reasons. Newspapers are still read by many adults on a regular basis, and magazines are welcomed by consumers as they seek information on new products and services. You can take advantage of these print media platforms and reap the many benefits that come along with it. Here’s what you need to know about insert marketing’s ability to remain successful in this digital age, and why it should be part of your marketing strategy.

    The Effectiveness of Insert Newspaper Advertising

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    Insert Marketing in the Digital Age

    Insert newspaper marketing ads generate a high response from consumers who are looking for these messages during their shopping routine. These free-standing inserts (FSIs) are single sheet ads placed in the middle of newspapers that are sent to readers in specific areas. These ads offer a variety of promotional offers, including details on current sales, mini-catalogues, and launch announcements of new products. Smart shoppers will use these services to save money when they shop at your store, and despite what you may have heard about the decline of print media, inserts are able to reach 50 million households each week! Another amazing fact about inserts is that they drive consumers to take action, such as sign up for online offers and discounts or visit your brick-and-mortar store for limited-time deals. This bridge between tangible ads and intangible ads online is the key to growing a massive customer base and making yourself available to consumers who are looking for what you have to offer.

    Why Insert Marketing Should Be a Part of Your Marketing Strategy

    • Lasting Power: Digital ads are fleeting—in a second, they’re gone, or quickly closed or dismissed by readers. Insert magazine marketing ads last longer and tend to stick around consumers’ homes for a longer period. Your prospects may spend more time interacting with these inserts than they would browsing deals and offers online.
    • Larger audience: Data has shown that a huge percentage of adults regularly or occasionally read a newspaper—83 percent to be exact. Posting an insert for your brand in a newspaper exposes your message to an already large number of consumers.
    • Makes Consumers’ Life Easier: Newspaper inserts save consumers time and money by delivering information about products they may be interested in, right into their hands. Instead of browsing through search listings to find the products they want, consumers can get information about products they plan to buy with ease. It also makes their life easier by allowing them to receive information about your online store, so they can shop from their couch.
    • Weekend Promotions: Getting your FSI into a weekend paper or magazine is guaranteed to get you noticed. If you want consumers to dynamically seek out your ads, print media marketing is the solution. These inserts get noticed because they don’t get lost with the countless ads that all look alike in the newspaper. It’s worked for big brands, and now it can work for you.
    • Flexible: For you to deliver an impactful and accurate message, you require complete flexibility with your media buying. Newspaper inserts are a great solution, as they can be ordered as catalogs, single sheets, cards, and in other forms. They can also be distributed in both large and small formats—whichever way that makes the most sense.
    • Focused Distribution: You can deliver your inserts in magazines and newspapers within a specific ZIP code, allowing you to focus your message on location-specific prospects who can access your store or who would benefit most from your product or service.
    • Affordable Cost: Although inserts have the same ability to reach thousands of consumers as direct mail, they come at only a fraction of the cost. This means no matter what your budget is, you can use inserts in your marketing strategy.

    Available Insert Formats

    Discount Offers

    One of the most popular types of package inserts is a discount offer, which leaves the customer with a tangible reminder. You can print these offers on a business card size to save money and get more ads out to your consumers. Using terms like “Free shipping on your next order,” or “$10 credit towards your next order,” are likely to get responses from consumers. You can work with different phrases in each campaign, to see which one gains the best responses.

    Product Samples/Small Gifts

    Depending on your budget, you can send customers product samples or small gifts. It may cost more to ship but consumers will get to test your products or feel rewarded and inspired to continue shopping at your store. You can introduce them to new product lines and spark a curiosity for other products you have to offer. There are many brands that succeed with this type of insert marketing, but you should definitely consider your budget before you try this option.

    Personal Notes/Thank-You Cards

    The simplest and most affordable option you can add to customer packages is a handwritten thank-you card. These personal notes help build loyalty by establishing an emotional connection between you and the consumer. It can be very effective when first starting a business, as it provides a competitive advantage over most larger scale companies that are unable to dedicate the time to deliver such personalized inserts.

    Set Up Your Insert Marketing Program with Macromark

    With help from Macromark, you can improve your marketing strategy by creating inserts that engage your prospects and appeals to their curiosity and interests. We can help you stand out from your competitors and engage readers, both of which are essential to growing your customer base and enticing them to visit your store or web site. If you want to experience the advantages of a successful print media strategy, seek direction from our experts. We can provide all the information and assistance you need to get your campaign up and running. Our services also include print media, direct mail marketing, list brokerage, data solutions, list fulfillment, and list management. For more information about how we can help grow your business, contact us at 1-(845)-230-6300.

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