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    The Impact of Direct Mail Marketing to Target the Media

    Jul 27 | By:  Categories: Our Blog

    direct mail marketingThere is no shortage of targets when it comes to who will respond well to direct mail. Whether it’s Millennials, baby boomers, small or large businesses, or high income earners, direct mail continues to be effective in its ability to engage consumers at a high rate.

    One target not often talked about is the media. For occasions when you are looking to get an event covered, sending direct mail to media rather than email or some other form of communication often yields some impressive returns. One group that took full advantage of utilizing direct mail marketing to the media is Zouk. They are a club located in Singapore and for the company’s 25th anniversary, they really wanted to do something special.

    Direct Mail Works

    Digital era or not, what businesses care most about is results. They want to know that whatever campaign they strategize will be effective, and that’s true across any platform. The reality is, direct mail still performs well; research shows that direct mail has a one-in-25 response rate as compared to a one-in-1,000 response rate for email.

    Why Does Direct Mail Marketing Work?

    The other aspect of direct mail marketing is that it is a more trusted source. The experience of being able to physically interact with a piece of mail is one that creates a more personal engagement, not to mention that with all the digital stuff happening, a piece of well-thought-out mail stands out.

    Zouk Targeting Media with Direct Mail Marketing

    Zouk needed its 25th anniversary to be memorable. Naturally, a huge part of that is having different media personnel cover the party so they can spread its success to through their various platforms. They created an invite that included their legendary mascot and a silhouette of their warehouse. The invite also acted as two tickets, so those who received an invite were automatically admitted into the party, had they chosen to come.

    Of course, the invite worked perfectly: Zouk was able to secure 200 media people to come out to its 25th anniversary. That accounted for what would have been SD$300,000 worth of PR. That’s an incredible figure, and to add to that, the party itself had over 400 posts on Instagram alone. It’s no secret that direct mail marketing can be powerful. And this is just one instance which shows that direct mail has value in all sorts of applications. Zouk was able to take one of the most traditional forms of marketing and use it in an unconventional manner. The results speaks for itself, and the same would be true for any marketer who strategically applies direct mail marketing to their campaign.

    Macromark has decades of experience in direct mail marketing and is known for providing the most responsive lists in the industry. Our clients aren’t successful by accident; it starts with the correct targets, and Macromark is able to provide those targets better than anyone else in the business.

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