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    The Importance of Marketing for the Self-Employed

    Apr 17 | By:  Categories: Our Blog

    The numbers keep growing. The most recent information by the IRS shows about 18 to 25 million Americans classify themselves as self-employed, depending on a few variables. And when the new figures are released in May, it won’t be a surprise to see the numbers continue to increase.

    The fact is that more and more people are turning to self-employment as a means of supplementing their income or creating a standalone stream of income altogether. Several factors have contributed to this new wave of independent workers as they look to take hold of their futures.

    Being self-employed means entering a world of competition and need for survival. With that also comes the need to find ways to consistently communicate your company’s message through sustained marketing efforts with the ultimate goal of having people identify with your brand.

    Why Self-Employment? Why Now?marketing

    People want more–it’s that simple. And they don’t believe they can achieve more by being employees carrying out someone else’s vision. Online talent marketplace Field Nation conducted a study that showed close to 50% of self-employed individuals took the leap so they could control their own futures, and it is that self-employment that affords these workers the ability to do just that. With job security dwindling and job engagement even more of a concern–only 31% of employees are engaged in their current position–the opportunity to play a bigger role in deciding one’s own future is a strong determining factor that’s led so many to start their own companies.

    Other variables have played a role in the cultural shift to self-employment. Technology has made it easier and more affordable to start offering services, as well as added flexibility to other jobs, where workers are now able to operate independently from remote locations. Coupled with a questionable economy and uncertainty around compensation in retirement, self-employment almost seems like a necessary measure.

    Self-Employment Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Success

    As much as taking matters into your own hands seems like a sure way to success, being self-employed by no means guarantees it. In fact, it’s more likely to be the exact opposite. You take on new responsibilities that you wouldn’t have had by remaining an employee. Among those is figuring out how to effectively market your brand so you can attract enough work to sustain your business. And that can be a full-time job in and of itself.

    As a startup business owner, this becomes difficult when realizing that you are competing with companies who have much larger marketing budgets and a dedicated base of consumers who are already aware of the brand. This can be a daunting task for anyone who is not familiar with marketing strategies or other important aspects of business.

    However, competing shouldn’t be the initial focus of newly self-employed individuals. Identifying your specific market and targeting consumers within that market are of more immediate concerns; how are you expected to hit your mark when you don’t know where you’re shooting? Once targets are established, then creating marketing content with a voice that speaks specifically to this demographic is how you begin to attract clients and earn some revenue.

    This is a process that will continue for as long as you identify yourself as self-employed. You will constantly need to find ways to find new consumers, speak to your existing consumers, and do so while adhering to a budget.

    Macromark can help by using our three decades of experience to create targeted broker lists that can help find customers. With these lists, we can help to craft marketing that will appeal to these targets. You can learn more about the history of success of Macromark by visiting our web site at


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    David Klein

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