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    The Small Business Guide to E-Mail Marketing

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    Your aim as a small business is to firmly establish yourself within your industry and find ways to progress and grow your company. Many ways exist in which these goals may be accomplished, but the success of any small business ultimately depends on finding consumers and building relationships with those consumers, who in turn purchase or invest in your product or service. This has to be done at low or extremely affordable costs to maintain operations, particularly in the case of small businesses.

    E-mail has stepped in to become one of the most effective tools that companies utilize for marketing. It communicates directly to consumers i.e. email subscribers who have opted in to receive email communications on subjects of interest to them and who have already shown interest in your product or service and has been praised by the Direct Marketing Association for returns of $40.00 for every $1.00 spent.

    On top of high returns and low costs, listed below are three other benefits of how e-mail marketing can help your business:Email Marketing

    1. Bring in Revenue: This is what it’s all about. You ultimately want your e-mail marketing efforts to bring in cash. Certain types of e-mails perform better as far as showing the value of your company and enticing subscribers to make purchases. Promotional e-mails with special offers are always good at giving consumers added value for their purchase, and new arrival e-mails create excitement while also showing off your company’s growth. And make sure you include a link to purchase the service or item directly.
    1. Build Trust and Establish Expertise: No matter what industry you’re in, establishing a relationship with your customers is paramount to a successful business. Customers want to know that they can trust your business to deliver the best service or products possible, so sending out industry news e-mails or messages describing how to best use a product shows them that you know your stuff. This is a great way to keep a connection with your customers, but make sure the e-mails are relevant to your list segment.
    1. Gain Long-Term Customers: E-mail marketing is a great way to stay at the top of people’s minds. Sending regular e-mails will ensure that whenever one of your subscribers is in need of anything related to the services you offer, your company will be the first one they think of. Newsletters are a great way to stay in contact, as well as reorder e-mails if you have products or services that require that action.

    Establishing a strong e-mail list can go a long way in building your business and creating effective campaigns conducted on a regular basis keeps your subscribers engaged, which can lead to returns that exceed other marketing platforms.

    Consider Macromark when thinking of launching your next e-mail marketing campaign. We’ve helped several businesses, both large and small, create and deliver successful e-mail campaigns and we know how we can help you do the same. Visit our site for more details.

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