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    Time to Take Your E-Mail Marketing to the Next Level

    Mar 20 | By:  Categories: Our Blog

    We all know the numbers by now; close to 80% of consumers prefer e-mail marketing over other forms of online marketing, with every dollar spent on e-mail marketing getting about a $40.00 return on investment (ROI). Those numbers are proven, but how can you ramp up your e-mail marketing campaigns to ensure you take better advantage of the platform and reach the full potential of each campaign? We suggest that marketers dig a little deeper and implement strategies to optimize the experience for consumers, which should lead to increased conversion rates, essentially the end goal of any campaign.

    A Picture May Not Be Worth a Thousand Words

    This may come as a bit of a surprise, but a recent study of over two million e-mails by Constant Contact found that e-mails with more than three images caused click-through rates (CTRs) to drop dramatically. This could be attributed to the increase in consumers using mobile devices to access their e-mails, which means too many pictures could seem like clutter and discourage further interaction.

    On the flip side, that same study found that 20 lines of text are ideal for e-mail campaigns. That being approximately two to three paragraphs, CTRs almost double when compared to any other length of text.

    Colorful Calls to Action

    Email MarketingCalls to action are obviously necessary in all your e-mail marketing efforts, but a study by HubSpot shows that CTRs increase by up to 20% if the button is red. Implementing a red button specifically in a call to action may not always work with your branding, but 20% is a number that can’t be ignored and some companies have seen increased CTRs by having red as a backdrop to their promo ad.

    Tracking Conversion Rates

    E-mail is great for tracking consumer behavior when it comes to open rates and CTRs, but following the behavior all the way to an actual purchase can be tricky. Consumers don’t always take the direct path from opening an e-mail, to clicking on a link, to shopping and then making a purchase; the entire process could take days or even longer.

    Here’s where you as a marketer have to be thorough in first finding an e-mail provider that has the technology to accommodate tracking consumers at a high level. But as a marketer, you also need to put strategies in place that aid in keeping up with the cycle of a consumer. Offering redemption codes is one way in improve the likelihood of attributing a purchase directly to your e-mail campaign; make sure the code is campaign specific and this should go a long way in receiving accurate analytics when it comes time to assess your ROI.

    Segment Based on Client Behavior

    Segmenting your e-mail list based on simple demographics isn’t nearly enough if you hope to maximize your campaigns. E-mails need to be personalized based on subscriber behavior so you can better create incentive for consumers at key moments in their cycle. Only about 33% of companies capitalize on trigger-based e-mails, but the return could be as high as 70%. That’s an exciting opportunity to really take your e-mail marketing to another level.

    All of the actions mentioned don’t take any more or less money than you’re already spending on your e-mail campaigns. What it does take, however, is a greater attention to detail and open communication between departments so correct information can be properly utilized. Macromark is a direct marketing company with a proven track record of helping our clients to launch successful e-mail marketing campaigns by following many of the principles mentioned in this article. Contact us now for more info on how we can propel your campaign to new heights.


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    David Klein

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