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    Tips for Choosing the Right Direct Mail Printing and Mailing Service

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    direct mail printing and mailing servicesSearching for the right direct mail printing and mailing service can sometimes be a challenge. One company may provide terrific printing options, but may be lacking when it comes to mailing services. It may be tempting to work with two companies to meet all the needs of your unique direct mail strategy, but it is always more cost-effective and manageable to work with one company that provides all the direct mail printing and mailing services you need.

    Things to Consider When Choosing Printing and Mailing Services

    Understanding of USPS Regulations & Guidelines

    If a mail piece is not constructed to USPS standards, it can be costly for your business. If your piece is not designed to the standards of USPS’s bulk mailing services, you can expect to pay a higher rate than necessary, even if you are receiving other discounts because of your mailing. It may be difficult to keep track of complex postal requirements unless you are experienced in the mail industry. Working with a postcard mailing service will save you the trouble, as these professionals understand the industry and know how to get around unnecessary costs.


    One of the biggest concerns for business owners who want to start a direct mail postcard campaign is affordability. You can save a lot of money using a print and mail service for your business if you know how to compare companies and work within your budget. When you ask for quotes, make sure each one covers the same components and criteria.


    It is very important to work with a reputable direct mail provider to ensure the message of your campaign is delivered in an effective and efficient manner. Most business owners and decision makers will welcome a direct mail postcard if it provides information that is valuable to them. Turning your target audience into new clients or customers is the main goal of your campaign, and reputation plays a vital role in making this happen.


    If you’re striving for big results for your direct mail printing and mailing campaign, you will need to work with a company that has experience. A printer or startup that does not fully understand the industry is not the most reliable choice, even though they may provide more affordable prices.

    Access to Reliable Data

    Make sure your direct mail partner can provide you with accurate and reliable data. As a business owner, you may know that “big data” applies to digital marketing and it should be used to enhance and target your campaigns for direct mail. Your prospective partner should offer a variety of mailing lists within your geographic, demographic, and psychographic criteria. Strive to work with a partner that can help you get quality leads.

    Proven Tracking and Analytics Abilities

    Direct mail may not be the most affordable marketing strategy but it can definitely help you see a return on investment if implemented properly. Ask your prospective direct mail partner about their tracking abilities. This insight can help you prove the value of your direct mail, and can help you refine your campaign.

    Excellent Printing Capabilities

    As you plan the design of your direct mail or print materials, consider if there are any special colors or techniques you need. Your service partner should be equipped with the materials and resources available to help you create the direct mail packages you need.

    Direct Mail Design Assistance

    The design of your materials should be exceptional and stand out if you are sending direct mail. Your flyers, postcards or catalogs should make a lasting impression on your prospective customers. Find out if your printer provides design assistance for products like these. Some companies have graphic designers that can work with you to create your ideal design, at an additional cost, of course. Investing a little extra will allow you to get superior results with your materials.

    Effective and Verified Mailing Lists

    Having the highest quality mailing lists will help ensure your direct mail printing and mailing campaign succeeds. Ask your prospective direct mail service provider how effective their mailing lists have been, and if they have been verified recently. Make sure to use lists that are current and that have updated information for your targeted demographics.

    Source of Mailing Lists

    Unless you are providing your own mailing list, it is a good idea to find out where the printer gets their mailing lists from. The supplier should frequently update their lists to eliminate any outdated information that wastes your time and money.

    In-House Printing and Mailing

    When you order direct mail printing and/or mailing, ask your printer is they will perform the address and mailing services in-house or if the materials are shipped elsewhere for the process. Getting in-house printing and mailing may be more cost-effective and faster as it does not require as many steps and transport as out of house printing and mailing.

    Customer Support

    All of the services provided by a printing and mailing company should be accompanied with support at each stage of the process if needed. You can find out the level of customer support by checking online reviews and customer feedback to find out how helpful the company is. If you encounter many complaints, it may be a warning sign not to work with the company.

    Get Printing and Mailing Services with Macromark

    If you are looking for printing and mailing services near you, Macromark can help. Our team of experts can help you understand this opportunity to reach your prospective customers and make a lasting impact that keeps them involved with your brand. We can provide all the information, advice, and assistance you need to get your direct marketing campaign up and running. Our services also include print media, catalog marketing, list brokerage, data solutions, list fulfillment, and list management. For more information about how we can help grow your business, contact us at 1-(845)-230-6300.

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