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    Tips for Using Your Print Advertising Skills to Work in New Media Advertising

    Jan 21 | By:  Categories: Our Blog

    As hard as it is to accept, we all get old. When the hair starts thinning and the skin starts to wrinkle, we have to come to terms with the fact that time passes and things change.

    And as things change, many people that think their skills in certain “old-school” fields, such as print media advertising, are no longer useful. With today’s preference for digital media, how could knowledge meant for newspaper ads and magazines be of any use?

    But that’s not the case; the skills learned from print media advertising still have value and are transferable to the current new media environment.


    If you look at print and digital magazines, you may notice that their layout is similar; this is because they’re now both usually created using digital editing programs. With these programs, you can use the layout, copy, and design skills you previously used for print to create digital ads, as the basic visual aspects, including copy usage and graphics placement, are more or less the same.

    And now that digital is the modern preference, you should begin looking into creating more media advertising specific to online or digital presentation. You don’t have to be as flashy as some web sites, but knowing the basics of creating banner ads and pop-ups is still useful. You might also be able to take predesigned print ads and recreate them in a digital format.

    Friendly Future

    It’s worth noting that, despite its diminished role in today’s world, print advertising still exists. You should always be targeting industry and consumer interest advertising magazines and other print publications that can showcase your ads; people still read print, and they will notice.

    If you’re doing targeted magazine advertisements, a good habit to develop is always creating both print and digital ads simultaneously. This way, you can create the advertising design digitally before easily altering them for print as necessary. When you see how easily you can do both in one fell swoop, you’ll see just how easy it is to create effective, successful media advertising.

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    David Klein

    David Klein is CEO and President of Macromark, Inc. David has a rich and deep background in direct response marketing. His experience comes from being a consultant and list broker with more than 25 years in the Industry; working with several hundred different clients in just about every industry, market or niche found in direct mail. David is a graduate of the University of Illinois with high honors advanced degree course work in Marketing Communications from Roosevelt University in Chicago. Part of Macromark’s vision is to help its clients succeed in their acquisition efforts for finding new customers regardless of the marketing channel or media used. Add me to your G+