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    Top 20 Creative Print Ads During Christmas

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    Tons of businesses today are focusing all of their attention on digital marketing efforts, but are missing out on the success they could achieve from print media ads and newspaper advertising. Newspaper advert campaigns are a great way to use vibrant images to grab consumers’ attention and convince them of the value and benefits of your products or services. There are many great ads that are working for businesses and attracting customers, and you can learn a few tips and tricks from them! Here are some of the most creative print ads for Christmas and the holiday season, to get you inspired and show you how effective print media still is.

    1. Omino Bianco: Santa’s Laundry Mistake

    Image source:

    Omino Bianco’s washing power laundry detergent print ad shows a frustrated Santa Claus sitting with his head in his hands. The ad wouldn’t make sense without his bleached pink outfit with the bright red colour drained out. The ad writes, “Try and be good, at least with colours,” suggesting that poor Santa didn’t make the right choice when selecting laundry detergent.

    2. Inbev: Merry Christmas Froth

    Image source :

    This ad makes the holiday season appealing to beer lovers, as the froth from the drink drips off the side of the glass, resembling the cotton on Santa’s hat. In tiny font, the ad also says, “Merry Christmas!” evoking a cheerful, festive feeling.

    3. Pedigree: Christmas Warning for Santa

    Image source :

    This cheeky ad is perfect for pet lovers. To promote its dog food, Pedigree used a “Beware of Dog” sign on a chimney, warning Santa to be sure to bring some treats and goodies to keep the dog quiet—unless he wants to get attacked or wake up the family on Christmas Eve!

    4. Heineken: Drunk Santa

    Image source :

    To advertise Heineken beer, the beverage company chose to create an ad that encourages responsible drinking: “Don’t drink and drive,” is written in the corner of an image of a tipped sleigh and scattered presents across a snowy path. The ad suggests Santa was drinking on Christmas night, and got himself into some deep trouble. The message is clear, and the ad uses light humour to express a very serious and important message.

    5. Mercedes-Benz: Christmas Tire

    Image source :

    To suggest a great holiday gift, and introduce the importance of having a good vehicle for the winter season, Mercedes-Benz highlighted the tracks on their tire in the shape of a Christmas tree. Although the ad is simple and clear, the creative use of colour and perspective makes it stand out.

    6. Pepsi: Thirsty Bear

    Image source :

    Pepsi has done a great job at using print ads to make their beverage look irresistible. From the condensation on the can, to the way this little teddy ornament is using a candy cane to try to reach it, it’s clear Pepsi wants viewers to stock up on this holiday season.

    7. CreAds: Christmas Pencil

    Image source :

    “We’re so in the mood for Christmas,” says CreAds’ creative print ad. The graphic design company used Christmas imagery to turn a pencil into a tree. This particular ad shows off the brand’s ability to create innovative ads that grab your attention and make you interested in what products or services they have to offer.

    8. Stihl Chainsaw: Outdoor Christmas Tree

    Image source :

    This creative ad by Stihl Chainsaw would make any carpenter or handyman want to put it on their Christmas list. The funny and innovative ad features a tree-shaped cut out from the wall of a house, that shows off a brightly lit Christmas tree in the snow outside. The ad speaks for itself!

    9. Pfizer: Quit Smoking This Christmas

    Image source :

    This ad could turn anyone off of smoking—it features a tree-shaped pile of cigarette butts, still fuming in a tiny ashtray. It gives off an uneasy, sick feeling, encouraging smokers to put down the stick and see their doctor for help. “When you’ve had your fill of smoking, talk to your doctor” it reads.

    10. Starbucks: Holiday Drinks

    Image source :

    Starbucks doesn’t have to do much to get people interested in their products, but they still design ads that make people feel warm, connected, and inspired to celebrate the holiday season with their tasty holiday drinks and the vibrant atmosphere of their shops.

    11. Nike: Slam Dunk Santa

    Image source :

    Santa’s slam dunk into the chimney is a hilarious image that connects sport and Christmas together. This creative ad for Nike brings a fun concept to the phrase “Just do it,” and an athletic Santa definitely catches the eye!

    12. Tide: Leaking Pen

    Image source :

    Tide’s print ad makes stains seem fun! A leaking pen in the pocket makes the shape of a Christmas tree, and the catch phrase for the ad says, “Wishing you a white Christmas!” No stain can stand up to Tide’s stain removal power and the ad creatively evokes this message.

    13. Hellmann’s: Christmas Mayo

    Image source :

    Christmas is the time of the year when many families get together, cook, and enjoy each other’s company over traditional and creative dishes. Hellmann’s wants to be part of the family fun, and their ad for mayonnaise features a spoon with mayo on it in the shape of Santa’s eyebrows and beard. Cute!

    14. Kit Kat: Give Santa a Break

    Image source :

    Even Santa needs a break this holiday season, and this funny Kit Kat ad paints the perfect image of what that looks like. Even funnier is the idea of Santa’s beard being removable…don’t show this one to the kids!

    15. Salvation Army (Ejército de Salvació): Donate Clothing

    Image source :

    This ad will really touch your heart as it’s not about what you can buy, but what you can give. “Old clothes still can warm many people,” the ad reads, and the folded clothes are in the shape of a fireplace. It perfectly and creatively illustrates the importance of donating clothes for those in need, and evokes the true spirit of the holidays for consumers.

    16. Publicis Singapore: Pencil Tree

    Image source :

    This creative ad was created to spread the holiday spirit and is a visual delight. The ad reads, “Every good idea begins with a pencil,” and as the green pencil is sharpened by a star-shaped sharpener, the shavings unfold like a tree. Creative!

    17. Veet: Bare Branches

    Image source :

    Veet supplies hair removal solutions, and this funny ad makes you look twice. It shows a bare tree with all of its pine needles on the floor, standing bare. Although the ad is very exaggerated it gets the point across in a creative and festive way!

    18. R2 Fitness Club: Stay Fit

    print media ads

    Image source :

    While many view the holidays as a time to pack on the pounds and indulge in oh-so-delectable desserts, this fitness club wants people to be excited about staying in shape. “At Christmas you are supposed to get presents, not extra pounds,” it reads. Clever!

    19. Lunar Communications: Recycle Your Tree

    Image source :

    Lunar Communications’ promotion for going green brings value to the idea of recycling your Christmas tree. The simple image features the universal sign for recycling, with a small trunk at the bottom, which turns it into a Christmas tree.

    20. Ikea: Early Christmas Sale

    Image source :
    Picture: Courtesy of TBWA

    Ikea’s hilarious ad shows a seemingly giant star on the top of a tiny Christmas tree. While the tree has been the focus of almost all of the previous ads, Ikea wants consumers to value their products, decorations, and furniture more than the tree itself. For Ikea, it’s not about the home, but what’s inside the home that makes it a great place, and this ad creatively evokes such a message.

    Get Print Media Marketing Support at Macromark

    This list of creative print media ads can help you get inspired for the holidays, and give you an idea of how simple it is to boost your marketing efforts. It doesn’t take much to spin some innovation into print media ads for your products or services, but creativity and unique ideas are absolutely essential to attracting customers and getting them to visit your store. There are many advantages to using print media to market your products over digital media, and if you work with a professional marketing agency you can benefit from these advantages. If you want to experience the advantages of a successful print media strategy, you may want to seek direction from the experts.

    Macromark can help you understand the pros and cons of print media vs. electronic media and this opportunity to grow your customer base. We can provide all the information, advice, and assistance you need to get your print catalog marketing campaign up and running. Our services also include print media, direct mail marketing, list brokerage, data solutions, list fulfillment, and list management. For more information about how we can help grow your business, contact us at 1-(845)-230-6300.

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