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    Unique Direct Mail Piece Captures Sports Fans

    Jul 31 | By:  Categories: Our Blog

    Macromark has preached the need for creative pieces in any direct mail campaign. But “creative” is an ambivalent term, left up to the discretion of marketers running the campaign. However, if guidelines are developed that don’t restrict the boundaries of creativity, instead focusing the ideas of the campaign towards a narrow demographic, then out-of-the-box ideas are still welcome and will have a better chance of securing a successful campaign.

    A perfect example of this strategy is when Telus Communications wanted increased viewership for NFL Sunday Ticket, which is a package that shows every football game throughout the season that airs on Sundays. Telus called on ad agency Cossette Vancouver, who chose to launch a direct mail campaign geared to avid sports fans.

    What Cossette did was include an actual piece of turf in their direct mail campaign, with the words “The Greatest Show on Turf,” etched into the surface. The turf offered the targeted consumer a chance to actually feel like they were on a real football field, and the catchphrase added to the illusion of actually being part of the game as an observer.

    Going back to our earlier point about having guidelines to creativity, Cossette had a very specific demographic in mind: the avid sports fan. Only that specific demographic would be able to understand and appreciate turf from a football field, as opposed to a casual or non-sports fan, who may not be able to immediately make that connection. On a creativity scale, this direct mail campaign would score high. And this was targeted to a very narrow consumer.

    All of this is great, but it would be pointless if the results didn’t support the efforts of the campaign. Telus tested the direct mail piece with the turf included against another piece with just a postcard and found sales to be 150% higher with the turf, no doubt a considerable increase.

    Macromark has always encouraged creativity in any direct mail marketing campaign. But even creativity must be focused, and when those two principles are meshed together effectively, the chances of success drastically increase, as evidenced by the Sunday Ticket campaign.

    Macromark has the experience to help guide an effective direct mail marketing campaign and the capacity to issue targeted lists that will help ensure the campaign is focused. We know the power of direct mail and understand how to use it most effectively and offer our expertise to all our clients.


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    David Klein

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