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    Using Direct Mail and Shared Direct Mail to Attract e-Commerce Consumers

    Jun 29 | By:  Categories: Our Blog

    Shared Direct MailBy now you should realize that direct mail marketing is effective at targeting nearly any kind of consumer. It’s also effective at not just pushing in-store sales, but it can be utilized to drive e-commerce sales as well. Many companies have successfully used direct mail marketing to spur e-commerce.

    Another way companies have capitalized on direct mail is by turning to what is referred to as shared direct mail. Shared direct mail marketing is when advertisers group their coupons into one envelope, which reduces the cost of postage. It’s effective for specific campaigns that are focused on offering your customers a coupon.

    Distance Still Matters

    Obviously when thinking of e-commerce, you are not limited by any kind of boundaries. You can market to someone in Idaho nearly as easily as you can to someone in India. But just because e-commerce transcends distance doesn’t mean you should spread your direct mail campaign hundreds or thousands of miles away to reach that consumer.

    It’s advisable to target consumers close to your distribution center. The most obvious benefit is that you can save on shipping costs, which is one of the largest concerns when it comes to your budget. In addition, including targets who are in close proximity to your warehouse is a way to build trust in your brand. The chances of them receiving their package on time increases, and this will encourage these consumers to keep ordering from your site.

    Tell Your Customers What to Do

    You have to put yourself in the shoes of the consumer. If you are presenting an e-commerce offer through a direct mail campaign, you must let them know what steps they need to take to claim this offer. Make the steps obvious. Number them if you have to so there is no guesswork needed at all. For example, if you provide a coupon code, instruct your consumer on how to go about using it. Say, for instance:

    1. Visit our web site at
    2. Enter the coupon code
    3. Write your e-mail
    4. We’ll send you (name whatever the incentive is here).

    It can really be that simple. The fewer the steps, the better. You never want to make the instructions appear to be complicated, which is why numbering is a good idea.

    The Standard Direct Mail Rules Still Apply

    Whether you’re engaging your targets to push them online or you’re using shared direct mail, you can never forget the basics. Focus on narrowing down your list, create engaging copy, create a design that will stand out, and test your campaign. When doing shared direct mail, these rules become even more crucial.

    The thing with direct mail marketing is that it can be really simple. If you are able to be thorough with each step and find different ways to stand out in your mailings, then the chances of success are really high.

    This is where Macromark can help. We’ve been in business for three decades and understand how to conduct direct mail marketing campaigns at a high level. Before starting your next campaign, contact us now.

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    David Klein

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