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    Walking Through the Four “C”s of E-mail Marketing

    May 5 | By:  Categories: Our Blog

    Getting the attention of consumers is a tough sell. Marketers are constantly finding and improving methods to reach their targeted audience. E-mail marketing is a tactic that plays an important role in building and retaining consumers. It is only successful, however, if it’s managed through a system beginning from the onboarding phase through to post-conversion.

    The tools for e-mail marketers have improved, and now it’s up to organizations to really buckle down and figure out the best tactics to locating and securing leads. This is certainly possible with the four “C’s” of e-mail marketing—collecting, connecting, converting, and circulating consumers—as it improves the chances of successfully building and retaining consumers at higher rates.

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    Organizations need to analyze where and how they are acquiring new leads. What is the process? Are these strategies driving the right leads to your channels? Is your landing page optimized? Are your campaigns targeting the right leads? These are questions that need to be assessed and reassessed routinely, ensuring the process is sound by constantly looking for ways to improve where necessary.


    This is the most important phase, as it is where you make your first impression. How do you communicate with the lead? Are you basing this communication on specific consumer actions and behaviors? This is the phase in which you must understand the consumer’s intentions if you have any hope of converting them to become purchasing customers.


    Any marketing strategy eventually comes down to this phase. Potential consumers must ideally become paying customers. Your job as a marketer is to figure out how to make that happen and determine what that process looks like for the company. Is an appointment being set or are you leading these consumers to an online purchase? Is it possible that a sales rep might need to be hired? During this phase is when you will need to test your understanding of the customer, their needs and motivations, and your ability to meet those needs and bring them to go through with a call-to-action.


    The job isn’t done once a potential consumer has been converted into a customer. The engagement needs to continue throughout this later stage of the customer life cycle. Developing a strategy for continued communication, which includes opportunities to propose additional product offerings, is a big factor in successfully maintaining an e-mail list. Content should be based on customer behavior and engagement patterns to the point of conversion and beyond. That means that it becomes important to segment consumers accordingly in order to further encourage positive interaction with the chance of them making more purchases.

    E-mail marketing isn’t complicated, but it does take acute attention to detail and a well-thought-out strategy that is managed and monitored strictly in order for this form of marketing to be effective. Macromark can carry out these e-mail campaigns from the brokering of the e-mail lists through the duration of a consumer life cycle. With three decades of expertise in direct marketing, we are a trusted name within the industry.

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    David Klein

    David Klein is CEO and President of Macromark, Inc. David has a rich and deep background in direct response marketing. His experience comes from being a consultant and list broker with more than 25 years in the Industry; working with several hundred different clients in just about every industry, market or niche found in direct mail. David is a graduate of the University of Illinois with high honors advanced degree course work in Marketing Communications from Roosevelt University in Chicago. Part of Macromark’s vision is to help its clients succeed in their acquisition efforts for finding new customers regardless of the marketing channel or media used. Add me to your G+