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Cost-Effective Advertorial Advertising

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    What Is an Advertorial?

    “Advertorial” is the combination of the words “editorial” and “advertisement.” The goal of an advertorial is to produce content within a print newspaper that mimics a regular editorial. Often, the topics of advertorials are a presented as an opinion piece, contain news on a product trend, or express relevant research studies surrounding a product or service.

    At its core, however, a newspaper advertorial is an ad. It is advertising that is paid for and positioned to look more subtle than a traditional ad. It’s been a popular form of advertising since the 1970s.

    Advertorials in magazines operate the same way. They are paid advertisements meant to highlight a certain product or service. A slight difference with magazine advertorials is that magazines tend to be more focused on images, which may lead advertisers to consider including strong images to go along with the copy.

    Advantages of Using Advertorials for Advertisements

    They Don’t Look Like Ads

    One of the top benefits of using advertorial advertisements is that they do not immediately come off as advertisements. They are presented as informative pieces that give the reader a thorough view of whatever subject the piece is detailing.

    This is especially significant in today’s landscape because consumers are bombarded with marketing 24/7. This constant barrage of advertising has made consumers numb when it comes to recognizing ads while some choose to ignore ads altogether. Offering consumers something that is helpful in some way has a chance to be much more engaging than standard advertising tactics.

    They Are Specifically Targeted

    Another benefit of advertorials is that they can be targeted rather specifically to cater to readers. It’s important to remember that, whether it’s a magazine advertorial or a newspaper advertorial, the tone of the copy is still designed to sell. Unlike content marketing in which the tone can be much more subtle and often does not promote a specific product or service at all, advertorials are more direct.

    So when deciding on which newspaper or magazine to place an advertorial, marketers should always be thinking of who will respond best to the specific nature of their product. Both magazines and newspapers are great platforms for targeted consumers. They have a profile of who is buying their publications, and advertisers can use these profiles to construct the appropriate ads.

    There’s More Time to Sell Your Product

    Reader impression increases with advertorials because of the layout. Advertorials are not presented in the same form as other printed advertisements; this helps them stand out. And for marketers, the long-form layout of advertorial ads gives them more time to really hone in on their message.

    Knowing this, marketers need to be open and transparent in their messaging. You want your readers associating the messaging with your brand. Even though you are providing information to readers around the benefits of your product, it’s still important that they are aware that your product is the one they need to purchase in order to make them happy.

    This way, you are always focused on increasing sales, which should be the intention of advertorials. Again, this is one of the main differences between advertorials and content marketing. The end goal for advertorials is increasing the sales of a particular product or service while increasing awareness is often the goal of content marketing.

    We at Macromark have pushed many of our clients to utilize newspaper advertorials and many of them have seen measurable success. We understand how advertorials work, and combining advertorials with remnant advertising has boosted returns for clients who have chosen this route.

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