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Direct Mail Marketing

Despite the digital revolution, direct mail marketing is far from dead. In fact, if executed correctly using tested methods that can increase response, traditional direct mail can not only augment an online marketing strategy, but, on many occasions, actually outperform online marketing.

Macromark’s Direct Mail Marketing Services

Macromark recognizes the importance of direct mail marketing in today’s digital market. With over 300 customers and more than 20 years of service, we are the leader in providing direct mail marketing solutions to our valued clients.  We process over 30,000 direct mail list orders annually making us one of the largest direct mail list Companies in the industry.

Our staff provides a variety of services to ensure that our clients have a successful direct mail marketing campaign.

When you work with Macromark, we will work closely with you to create a successful direct mail marketing campaign to draw in new customers from existing business and consumer lists, as well as other sources you may not have considered.

As part of our direct mail marketing strategy, we will provide targeted business and consumer mailing lists to create a fully rounded campaign to reach your ideal demographic. Our print media division offers full-service direct marketing solutions, including creative development, professional copywriting, media buying, and lettershop recommendation. This allows our clients to quickly and effectively launch outdoor advertising campaigns.

Why Choose Macromark for Your Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns

When you work with Macromark for your direct mail marketing campaign, you’ll have access to over 70,000 relevant business and consumer lists for developing new leads. Generating leads is essential for finding new business; with access to our massive database of mailing lists, you’ll find everything you need to generate new leads.

Whether you’re looking to target consumers or businesses through your direct mail marketing campaign, Macromark can provide everything you need and more. If you’re new to direct mail, our team of experts will provide all the advice you need to create a successful direct mail campaign. If you’ve already run direct mail marketing campaigns in the past, our team will work with you to improve on the strategies you’ve used, to get a better response.

Macromark’s years of experience and our extensive database of lists offer everything you need for a successful direct mail marketing campaign.

If direct mail marketing isn’t for you, check out the variety of other great services Macromark offers, including key e-commerce, insert media, print media buying, and database marketing services. Regardless of what you are looking for, Macromark will work tirelessly to help you reach and exceed those goals.