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Print Media

    Speak with a direct marketing professional to create a targeted mailing list for your upcoming campaign:

    Once your information is submitted, a direct marketing professional will contact you.

    Launch a NEW space ADVERTISING campaign! Test dynamic new copy and creative! Dramatically LOWER your media COSTS!

    Macromark’s print media services group was created to help clients explore, test and optimize the terrific direct response opportunities available through newspaper, magazine and free standing insert (FSI) advertising. Relying on our 20 years of direct marketing experience, our print media team provides campaign planning, market research, competitive analysis, media buying, professional copywriting and creative design.

    Whether you’re looking to entirely outsource your print media function or just need some ideas and assistance in specific areas, consider what Macromark’s Print Media and Creative Services Group has to offer Our collective buying power enables us to negotiate aggressively and obtain the best rates possible. Couple this with the industry acclaimed copywriting skills of our partner, The Steve Wexler Creative Group, and the result is a dynamic space ad campaign that maximizes your ROI.

    Campaign Planning and Research

    We invest the time to learn everything we can about your offer, target market, past results, budgets, cost per order, ad size considerations, frequency and regional implications. We’ll perform an equally comprehensive post-campaign analysis too.

    Competitive Analysis

    Nothing beats competitive intelligence. We’ll show you what products or services your competitors are advertising and where they’re running their ads.

    Media Buying

    Anybody can purchase space, but it takes buying power, negotiating skills and rock solid relationships to purchase space at the lowest possible prices. We guarantee you won’t obtain lower media costs anywhere else and we’ll significantly reduce your CPO or CPI.

    Creative and Copywriting

    Here’s your chance to work with “America’s leading direct response copywriter”. Simply stated, an ad written and designed by The Steve Wexler Creative Group will most likely outperform current controls or anything you’ve ever run previously.

    With advertisers and direct marketers benefiting from a true buyer’s market, there’s never been a better time than now to test print media advertising. Contact us today and we’ll put together a complete proposal; chockfull of new ideas, solid research and great rates.