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B2B Mailing Lists Can Open the Door to New Revenue Streams

Without question, direct mail campaigns are a fantastic way for businesses to both connect with previously unreachable businesses and generate sales leads. That’s because a targeted direct mailing campaign is about marketing to people on a one-on-one basis. And despite the growing prevalence of social media, direct mail campaigns remain one of the most effective […]

Organizing Your Customer Mailing Lists: Why It’s So Vital

In today’s business world, you can never afford to be disorganized, especially when dealing with the segmentation and coding of your customer mailing lists and your customer information. Using mailing lists in any format is serious business with serious costs involved and opportunities, so it’s crucial to not only keep them organized, but also sorted […]

The Best Way to Monetize and Manage Your Company’s Mailing Lists

While many people fear or dislike the idea of renting their lists to other marketers, it’s something that businesses often are forced to come to terms with for many different reasons. A list management company or a list manager can handle administrative duties with professionalism and fairness. For many businesses working in direct marketing, some […]