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Study Shows Online Retailers Still Finding Huge Success Utilizing Direct Mail

It says a lot about direct mail marketing that it has not only survived, but continues to thrive through the advent of the digital age. With smartphones and iPads giving consumers instantaneous access to relevant content, one would think direct mail marketing is a fading industry incapable of keeping up with the times. But it’s […]

Using Direct Mail to Drive Customer Acquisition Online

At Macromark, we are an example of the power and relevance of direct mail marketing campaigns. We continue to create and execute successful direct mail campaigns that hit their desired targets and either acquire or retain desired consumers. How a campaign is judged to be successful depends on its purpose. A lot of campaigns are […]

Include Informative Pieces in Direct Mail Campaigns to Attract New Clients

Direct mail can serve several purposes in a marketing campaign, a fact that Macromark knows all too well. It can be a promotional piece, include giveaways or coupons, or broadcast an announcement about something specific that you want to convey to the client or prospect. But when carrying out direct mail marketing campaigns, one cannot […]