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Direct Mail Marketing for Reverse Mortgages

A successful direct mail marketing campaign for reverse mortgages relies on a few factors. These factors include a mailing list that is accurate, targeted and current, and a quality distribution piece that generates the right first impression on target customers and clients. Reverse mortgage marketing is competitive, and there’s no time more important than the […]

The Advantage of Simple Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns

With Macromark being in the direct mail business as long as we have, we’ve seen countless varieties of campaigns. Some campaigns are immensely creative and complex, with designs and copy that go great lengths to capture the attention of the targeted consumer. While there should be no limits on creativity, there is a need for […]

Using Direct Mail to Drive Customer Acquisition Online

At Macromark, we are an example of the power and relevance of direct mail marketing campaigns. We continue to create and execute successful direct mail campaigns that hit their desired targets and either acquire or retain desired consumers. How a campaign is judged to be successful depends on its purpose. A lot of campaigns are […]

Why Direct Mail Will Continue to Be an Effective Marketing Option

So much has been said about direct mail marketing and its relevance and effectiveness in today’s culture. Despite some assumptions that the industry wouldn’t survive this online era, direct mail marketing has thrived and continues to yield unmatched results. As one of the fastest growing direct marketing agencies with over 20 years of experience, Macromark […]

Are Small Business Mailing Lists Key to 2014 Growth?

While most people think big business is the country’s economic engine, the fact of the matter is that there are millions of small businesses operating in the U.S., and collectively, they generate more than half of the country’s GDP (sales) growth. Unfortunately, according to Macromark, when it comes to direct mail marketing campaigns, many businesses […]

Top Direct Mail Tips for Increasing Health Club Enrollment

While the U.S. economy has not totally rebounded from the 2008 stock market crash, it is improving. That doesn’t just mean that more and more Americans are finding work; it also means we have more discretionary income to play with. And with spring, summer, and bathing suit season just around the corner, many are debating […]

Direct Mail Drives Online Traffic and Brings Buyers to Your Web Site

Often thought of as an acquisition pipeline for individuals that are direct mail responsive only, the post office and the mail they carry are now driving consumers online in huge numbers. It’s proven fact that catalogers see most of their online sales generated from direct mail solicitations to consumers. The ease of showing all the […]