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Mailing List Hygiene and Merge/Purge

There are not many topics that are as boring or dry to discuss in direct mail as list hygiene, the maintenance of an e-mail subscriber list, and merge/purge, when data from multiple lists is collected and sorted, with duplicate and unwanted data being deleted. However, the experts at Macromark advise that these are very important […]

The Key to Reaching a Market Niche Through Direct Mail Marketing

With spring now upon us, many people are becoming much more health conscious, and these health-conscious consumers seem to be turning to the trend of juicing—or rather, a modified juicing diet, which incorporates nutritional supplements for a more balanced meal. Recent statistics suggest that about half of all Americans take a daily vitamin supplement, a […]

How Do You Run a Successful Marketing Campaign?

With the new resurgence and interest in direct mail for highly targeted, high-return-on-investment (ROI)-performing marketing campaigns, it’s imperative that marketers follow the fundamental principles of what makes a direct mail program successful to begin with. If you’re wondering why businesses are still using direct mail marketing, and how you can run a successful campaign, keep […]