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Targeted Direct Mail

When it comes to direct mail marketing, you want to specifically target your direct mail package to leads that fit your specific target market; if you don’t, you’re basically throwing money away. Targeted direct mail can mean the difference between sending your direct mail package to someone who is more likely to read your promotion and become a customer, which helps your return on investment (ROI).

Macromark’s Targeted Mail Services

Macromark realizes the importance of targeted direct mail not only to the success of your marketing campaign and your business’ profits, but also to your budget. We have an extensive database of over 70,000 lists of potential business and consumer names that can be further targeted to gender, age, income, geographic location, and more. Our team of targeted direct mail experts has over 30 years of experience in successful direct mail marketing campaigns. Put these two elements together, and you’ll have the tools you need to mount a successful direct mail marketing campaign.

Our team of experts will find the lists that are ideally suited to your organization’s needs and uncover opportunities you may have not known about. Whether you’re looking for several lists for your targeted direct mail marketing campaign or just one, we can provide you with a wide array of mailing list recommendations that you can use test your direct mail marketing campaign.

Why Macromark for Targeted Direct Mail Campaigns?

From the moment you launch of your targeted direct mail campaign and beyond, Macromark is there for you every step of the way. And our services go beyond direct mail services; we also assist our clients in finding partnerships to help with customer service, product fulfillment, and more, as well as creating unique interactive campaigns, giving you a way to engage both new and existing clients.

Our mailing lists are constantly updated (monthly or quarterly), so you know that you’re getting the latest information for your targeted direct mail marketing campaign. Any list you rent from us is also updated using a national change of address (NCOA) search at no additional cost.

And to top it all off, Macromark offers fast and efficient delivery of list orders; we will deliver all orders within 24 hours, often sooner, to your mailing house or list processing provider. If you request a list in the morning, we will often deliver it by the afternoon that same day. This will ease your stress when it comes to deadlines and help your business remain competitive in the market.

While some direct mail providers expect customers to follow their schedule, Macromark puts clients first—our business revolves around your schedule. Whenever you need a list for a successful targeted direct mail campaign, we will provide it in a quick, efficient, and cost-effective manner.