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What Is Newspaper/Media Buying?

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    What Is Media Buying in Newspapers and Magazines?

    The term “media buying” is pretty self-explanatory. It describes the action of individuals, businesses or non-profits purchasing advertising space for exposure or other objective. Media buying through newspapers and magazines is still a regular practice and one that companies turn to for placing ads. Though the term “media buying” is broad, we will describe its basic features in as much detail as possible.

    What Does a Newspaper Media Buyer Do?

    Media buyers enjoy an intense, fast-paced job. What they do is negotiate with advertising agencies on behalf of companies looking to purchase ads for their specific campaigns. A media-buying agency is expected to land these spots so companies gain maximum exposure for the best possible cost.

    But media buying isn’t just purchasing random spots across multiple platforms. Media buyers have to make sure that the spots they are purchasing make sense and work together. Whether they are working on a national campaign or a local campaign, media buyers must be strategic in how they work their clients’ budgets to ensure that the exposure is in the right market at the right times.

    The Media-Buying Process

    The media-buying process takes skill and know-how. Media buyers must know how to negotiate to get their clients the best terms, and negotiation starts with knowing the market, knowing the value of the space the advertisers are selling, and being able to put together offers that make sense for both parties.

    Even before any negotiations start, media buyers must have some kind of “in.” This is where the importance of networking and relationship building comes into play. If advertisers are more comfortable with the media buyers they are working with, it goes a long way in helping these media buyers get the very best deal possible.

    Once everything is in place, there are three steps to the actual process: prelaunch, launch, and post launch. The prelaunch is essentially what we’ve been speaking about and pertains to media buyers purchasing the right set of advertising opportunities for their clients.

    The launch phase is when media buyers must be astute about ensuring that advertisers deliver on their objectives. Post launch is equally as important as the first two phases and Involves assessing the effectiveness of the campaign to let businesses know how well their campaigns performed and what outcomes were met.

    Macromark has informed many clients of the benefits of media buying through newspapers. Media advertising through print has been profitable for these clients and Macromark can make it work for your business, as well.

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