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What Is Remainder/Remnant Advertising

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    Because of the onslaught of digital advertising, many advertisers have ignored remainder ads or remnant advertising. It’s possible that many advertisers are either unaware or unfamiliar with the benefits of remnant advertising, which is sometimes referred to as leftover newspaper advertising. For that reason, it’s important that we discuss exactly what remnant advertising is, how it works, and its advantages in campaigns.

    Is Remainder Different From Remnant, Leftover, or Standby Advertising?

    With all of these labels, it’s easy for a marketer to get confused. In actuality, there is no difference between remainder, remnant, leftover, or standby advertising. All of these are simply different ways of referring to the same service.

    What Is Remnant Advertising in Newspapers and Magazines?

    Remnant advertising is a simple concept. Nearing print time, if a publication has been unable to sell all its ad spaces, those spaces are shopped at a severely discounted rate. The reasons for the publications not being able to sell the space can vary from high costs to just not having enough clients available to fill the space.

    In any instance, that space is still made available at a less expensive rate. Often, the discount is considerable, which is partly what makes remnant advertising so attractive. This does put the company in a position where they have to move quickly to create its ad. It’s never clear just which space or page will be available when working with remnant ads, so this pushes businesses to be flexible and to quickly design an ad that fits the space.

    So, in remnant advertising, you sacrifice the convenience of time and the choice of where you place your ad for the heavily discounted price. This is similar to how a hotel service like Hotwire.com operates when booking rooms for travellers: you’ll get a great discount, but you won’t know which hotel you’ll be staying at or what amenities it will offer.

    What Does a Remnant Advertising Agency/Broker Do?

    Remnant brokers are the ones reaching out to companies to broker a deal for the leftover space. Because of the nature of remainder advertising, these agencies or brokers tend to target larger companies because they trust that these companies will have the funds and will have their ads ready to go. But this doesn’t mean that smaller businesses are out of the mix. It just means that smaller businesses should put aside some money for remnant advertising and be prepared to negotiate with these brokers.

    Small businesses that are interested in remnant advertising must also be able to quickly design an ad. The quality of the ad must also remain high if small businesses hope to be featured in any leftover space. Taking the initiative to reach out to brokers is particularly important for small businesses.

    How Much Does Remnant Newspaper Advertising Cost?

    The cost of remnant advertising varies, but it’s likely you’ll receive some kind of saving or discount. Standby newspaper advertising can often have discounts as high as 75% in some cases.

    With price reductions this significant, businesses can often get into newspapers that would otherwise be too costly. This is the biggest upside of remainder advertising and the main reason we at Macromark encourage our clients to consider this platform.

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