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Why Use Remnant Newspaper Advertising?

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    With all of the digital and television advertising options currently available, many marketers may rightly ask the question, “Why remnant newspaper ads?” The answer lies in the fact that the benefits of remnant ads are numerous, and utilizing this platform has significant advantages for many businesses.

    Benefits of Remnant Space/Leftover Newspaper Advertising

    Last-Minute Marketing Opportunity

    This may not immediately sound like a benefit, but as a marketer you must consider the cycle of newspapers. Print newspapers are released daily or weekly. This means you have the opportunity to place ads that are time sensitive and expect to get quick turnarounds. This is perfect if you’re running a sale that lasts only that week or have some kind of back-to-school offer that expires once the first school bell sounds.

    Cheap/Affordable Advertising Option

    The biggest benefit of remnant newspaper advertising is the cost. Remnant ads are available because that space in the newspaper couldn’t be filled in time. This means newspapers are willing to significantly reduce the cost of ad slot so they can fill all open spaces. This is beneficial for large businesses looking to get a discount on ad space as well as for small businesses that would normally not be able to afford advertising space in more established publications.

    Effective Newspaper Advertising

    Newspapers aren’t obsolete; they are still very relevant when it comes to marketing to specific demographics of consumers. Getting an ad placed in a newspaper means you are speaking to an audience who will be attentive to your message because they trust the information in that particular newspaper.

    Local and National Reach

    One great advantage of advertising in newspapers is that you have a clear idea of your target. If you are a local business looking to drive traffic to your brick-and-mortar location, remnant newspaper advertising is a solid solution. Equally as compelling for businesses is the opportunity to reach outside of their locality and tap into the national market without sacrificing their demographic.

    Various News Size/Dimensions

    With newspaper ads, you can vary the size of your ad depending on your budget and the space available. Larger ads are often preferred, but running a series of smaller ads has also proven to be effective in many instances.

    Great for Split-Testing Advertising

    Because of the nature of newspaper cycles, results of split testing can be collected relatively quickly. Marketers can test different headlines with accommodating coupon codes to figure out which is most effective. This will make marketing efforts much more efficient in the long run.

    Huge Brand Recognition

    Newspaper ads tend to get noticed and readers flipping through the pages are likely to be more aware of the things that they see. If you are able to consistently place ads within a newspaper, consumers who read newspapers regularly will notice and be more likely to listen to your message more than they would if it were presented in other marketing or advertising platforms.

    Great Leads at a Lower Price

    When it comes to remnant advertising, the cost is usually the first benefit that marketers think about. Being able to speak to a larger or specific audience at a lower cost can generate qualified leads, which they can then convert into paying customers.

    Who Uses Remnant Newspaper Advertising?

    Despite all the questions of the significance of newspapers, there are still have millions of daily readers in the U.S alone. This means that advertisers have a robust market to which to gear their advertising and a loyal crop of consumers who may hold significant purchasing power.

    So, the question of who uses remnant newspaper advertising is a matter of which businesses want to take advantage of this particular demographic. All businesses need to assess their targets and find ways to engage these consumers, and remnant newspaper ads are one way to make this happen.

    Macromark continues to enlighten clients of the benefits of remnant advertising. Many marketers are still not aware of its benefits or of how remnant advertising works precisely. With our guidance, many of our clients have profited off of strategic remnant ad campaigns.

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